Duro Composite: the new generation of decking composites!

duro decking compositoDURO means HARD in Italian, and that name didn’t happen casually. The surface is very much resistant and doesn’t look fake! 

This means that after years we are gonna be able to restore our decking and bring it back brand new... if there is a resistant stain, we can sand it and bring it back brand new again... without the need to change it. The expansion coefficient of each board is just 1mm per running meter, and only in length! Another reason why DURO has no competitor is for the REVOLUTIONARY installation systems patented to install it! in fact, the market is full of very nice boards but they are still tied to face fastening or hidden screwed clips... DURO CAN BE INSTALLED WITH ZERO SCREWS... just with he pressure of your feet! This has a HUUUUUUUGE impact on installation time and overall lasting of the product

It is a stainable/paintable composite... yes again, you got it right! YOU CAN protect it with a transparent color or give it the color you desire by applying a water based paint as this video shows:

EasyClick and EasyChange systems patented by iDecking Revolution and available even on real woods are not only a product, they really are the SOLUTION every deck builder and customer was waiting for!


Decking has never been faster, easier, stronger than this! EasyClick system by iDecking Revolution is: ZERO SCREWS, 5 Times Faster to install, EcoFriendly, Low Maintenance and most of all MADE IN ITALY. The system can be combined to both iDecking DURO composite made of Rice Husk or Traditional Woods such as Teak and IPE.


Imagine to be able to replace/remove every board from no matter where in the deck without ripping off all the other boards... just one!

A deck is something you are not going to do every single year, that’s why we thought this could be helpful for your consideration.

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