DURO Decking, the only true alternative to traditional wooden deck floors

pavimento composito duroThe king of outdoor floors

DURO is the name of the composite material that iDecking Revolution has introduced into the world of outdoor flooring. The first and unusual peculiarity of this material is its natural component, namely: The husk of the rice grain! This innovation makes DURO an extremely resistant to water and bad weather material.

The first important thing to emphasize is that, despite the DURO is part of the family of composite floors (commonly WPC), it is to be considered in all respects as an alternative to a noble wood and not to another composite floor. In fact, the characteristics of DURO bind it much more to wood than to composite decking colleagues, let's see why:


The Duro can in all respects be handled on the construction site like wood. It can be cut, shaped and even sanded just like you do with Teak, with Ipe and so on. Especially the sanding is the first real strength of this composite, which is not possible in other WPC floors.

Treatment and colour

DURO is a product that Naturally has a chromatic identity comparable to a light gray, a color that among other things never goes out of fashion. Its natural color is reminiscent of the tables of Teak or Ipe oxidized by time with the difference of not having slits on the surface and keeping the gray color much more homogeneous. Attention, we are about to open a truly extraordinary parenthesis, the DURO, just like wood, allows it to be treated / painted with water colours supplied by iDecking!

This means that not only will we be able to protect the floor from the wear of time, but we could even hypothesize to color it at will just like we do with wood when giving it over the oil that gives Teak (for example) nourishment to the fibers and that dark honey-colored ... magic that only a lived-in floor can tell.

There are other aspects of DURO that even place it at a TOP quality level even compared to wood, such as:

Anti-slip Certificate

Whoever buys a DURO Natural decking, buys a floor that by its nature is non-slip certified, even in the version with a smooth/flat surface. While in the wood it is necessary to mill the surface in order to obtain a non-slip striped surface and if necessary treat with gripping paints, in the case of DURO this is not necessary because it is already part of the characteristics of this innovative material for outdoor paving. Not for nothing, the DURO, is the decking preferred by architects and customers who wish to pave around their own pool, increasing (especially if attended by children) the safety coefficient.

Water and Stains

Thanks to its natural component, the rice husk, the Duro is a hyper water resistant material. Unlike many wood species, DURO only absorbs on its micro-surface. Where it is water that leaves a halo or grease that creates a stain, it will not penetrate into the stave structure as with wood, but will only be part of the surface. What may seem to be a flaw in the beginning is actually a great merit, and we explain why. If we wash a wooden floor with water rich in limestone, it is possible that, when dried, the calcareous halo is better absorbed by the wood. Good for the eyes, bad for the wood ... because all that stuff has done nothing but end up inside the stave and the passing of time can only sanction its rottenness!

In DURO instead everything remains on the surface, so any Alone or Stain can be cleaned with a jet of water and a cleaning product or, in the worst and aggressive case of stain, let us remember that we can always sand the area and then treat everything with a protective transparent.

duro decking composito esterno


the DURO, like all materials that have a plastic component, is susceptible to thermal shocks and has an expansion coefficient. The good news is that this expansion occurs only due to the length !!! And this is a feature that allows every deck builder to be able to manage the installation, having to foresee only this movement factor. Instead when it comes to wood, in addition to the length, the builder will have to consider torsion coefficient and deformation even on the width of the plank! Furthermore iDecking Revolution has patented a "head connector" called iJack which allows you to keep the gap between one slat and the other under control!


Fire Resistance

While the fire resistance of wood is zero, unless obtained thanks to a fireproof paint, DURO is certified fireproof with class B1.

Duro Excellence

The existence of a DURO variant called DURO EXCELLENCE must be mentioned. The material, in its composition does not change, but, in the case of DURO EXCELLENCE iDecking Revolution adds color and wood grain effect to the surface. So the DURO EXCELLENCE is to make it short, a DURO that comes out already colored. The thing to consider is that it too retains all the characteristics of the DURO Natural, so it is to be evaluated as an alternative to wood and not to a fake plastic composite.

duro excellence esterno composito

So we will find ourselves in front of a colored product that over time becomes gray due to UV rays, just like TEAK or IPE (noble woods that exceed 100 euros per square meter and which graying is a characteristic desired by who buys).

However, it can be re-treated and protected, but there is always to keep in mind that those who choose DURO choose a material that combines the characteristics of wood with the benefits of an engineered product. Those who intend to buy a composite decking instead that does not stain or discolor will find the solution in the material that iDecking calls SKUDO, at the sight FAKE and PLASTIC but guaranteed not to discolor or stain (present in the iDecking Revolution materials offer). duroipe

Finally, DURO is chosen by those who love the idea and the feeling of TRUE and NATURAL (both at sight and by touch) without being tied to the required aesthetic and structural maintenance needed for any wood. But there is more to make DURO or DURO EXCELLENCE a decking to prefer over other outdoor floors, namely: iDecking patented INSTALLATION SYSTEMS.

These are two technologies that have simplified and strengthened the installation of every iDecking outdoor floor for years, be it DURO, SKUDO or Etherno Bamboo. Let's talk about the EasyClick and EasyChange systems, discover the features together.

iDecking EasyClick

EasyClick is the innovative system which allows you to install iDecking Revolution boards simply using your feet. No need to use any nails, screws, drills, spacers or “obsolete” clips. The EasyClick system helps ensure a quick and simple troublefree installation. EasyClick is essentially comprised of an understructure “rail system” which comes with pre-installed and pre-spaced patented EasyClick nylon clips. Our patented grooved decking boards are then simply pressed and locked in place. The system can be used both for Wood and for Composites such as DURO and ETHERNO (Carbonized Bamboo).

What are the highlights of EasyClick system?

  •  Decking installation up to 5 times faster than traditional deck building
  •  Boards require Zero screws, nails or other fasteners
  • Drastic reduction of installation errors
  • Effortless” installation
  • Doesn’t cause water stagnation
  • Increased structural integrity and strength
  • Self aligning system

iDecking EasyChange

EasyChange is the only system in the world which allows you the ability to remove and replace every single board of your deck using a special iDecking key. No need to utilize any drills, screws, spacers or “obsolete” clips to install the decking. iDecking Easy Change system helps ensure a quick and simple troublefree installation. EasyChange is comprised of an understructure which comes with pre-spaced special rotating nylon cams. Decking boards are then locked in place with a simple turn of the EasyKey. The system can be used both for Wood and for Composites such as SKDUO, DURO and ETHERNO (Carbonized Bamboo).

What are the highlights of EasyChange system?

  • Remove and replace any decking board from anywhere in the floor
  • Up to 50% faster installation compared to traditional deck building
  • Doesn’t cause water stagnation
  • Increased structural integrity and strength

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