Etherno Bamboo Decking - Decking has a new protagonist!

In the wide world of Decking materials there’s a continuous research for new materials to increase the deck area living, bringing maintenance down to nearly zero. Will it ever be possible? Looks so... Today we talk about a new product developed by iDecking Revolution team which has incredible qualities: ETHERNO BAMBOO.

bamboo decking

Let’s start from the source, Bamboo... Many of you will wonder how is it possible to turn bamboo into flooring?!?!? In fact the bamboo cane is hollow inside and before turning into ETHERNO Decking it has go through a few steps concerning: cane cutting, treatment, pressing and cut into boards. To do this, there’s a particular Bamboo species being used: the so called MOSO Bamboo ( Phyllostachys Edulis Moso) having a much bigger cane.

For the more (actually we all should be like that) focused on the environmental, green, ecofriendly side, we’ve got to remember that Bamboo is classified as “GRASS” and it’s among the most abundant resources on the planet! This material has very good environmental certifications.

But, what is the reason why it’s considered so special for Decking?

A kept secret and patented “carbonization” process gives Moso Bamboo incredible qualities in terms of strength, stability and design turning it into Etherno Bamboo by iDecking Revolution. We’re in front of the only decking material, 100% natural, the most wood looking like, that just won’t move! This last point is fundamental, especially for who already dealt with decking, you know how much care and attention you have to put to prevent and foresee wood and composite movements (especially with climate changes).

Another great plus of this material is that it does not splint, allowing a safe and pleasant barefoot walking! Etherno Bamboo is the best solution for high density walking places like bars, restaurants, terraces.

There’s something more to say... actually this is the reason to turn this Bamboo product into a UNIQUE product and best on the market: the installation system it’s available with!!! EasyClick and EasyChange patented systems by iDecking Revolution.

Let’s have a closer look at them:

decking outdoor

EasyClick System

EasyClick is the innovative system which allows you to install iDecking Revolution boards simply using your feet. No need to use any nails, screws, drills, spacers or “obsolete” clips. The EasyClick system helps ensure a quick and simple troublefree installation. EasyClick is essentially comprised of an understructure “rail system” which comes with pre-installed and pre-spaced patented EasyClick nylon clips. Our patented grooved decking boards are then simply pressed and locked in place. The system can be used both for Wood and for Composites such as DURO and ETHERNO (Carbonized Bamboo).

decking easyclickWhat are the highlights of EasyClick system?

  • Decking installation up to 5 times faster than traditional deck building
  • Boards require Zero screws, nails or other fasteners
  • Drastic reduction of installation errors
  • “Effortless” installation
  • Doesn’t cause water stagnation
  • Increased structural integrity and strength
  • Self blocking and Self aligning system

EasyChange System

easychange decking

EasyChange is the only system in the world which allows you the ability to remove and replace every single board of your deck using a special iDecking key. No need to utilize any drills, screws, spacers or “obsolete” clips to install the decking. iDecking EasyChange system helps ensure a quick and simple troublefree installation. EasyChange is comprised of an understructure which comes with pre-spaced special rotating nylon cams. Decking boards are then locked in place with a simple turn of the EasyKey. The system can be used both for Wood and for Composites such as DURO and ETHERNO (Carbonized Bamboo).


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