EasyClick is an innovative system which allows you to install iDecking Revolution boards simply using your feet. No need to use any nails, screws, drills, spacers or “obsolete” clips to install the boards on the understructures. The EasyClick system helps ensure a quick, simple and trouble free installation with the self alignment of board joints.

How does EasyClick system work?

EasyClick is an aluminium substructure rail which comes with preinstalled and pre-spaced patented EasyClick nylon clips. When pressing the deck boards against the nylon clip, the boards are fixed and self aligned.

What are the highlights of EasyClick system

  • Decking installation up to 5 times faster than traditional deck building
  • Drastic reduction of installation errors
  • "Effortless” installation
  • Doesn’t cause water stagnation under the deck
  • Increased structural integrity and strength
  • Self aligning system


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